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ZEITGEMAESS is the German word for ‘contemporary’, which also describes the unique experience you will have working with us as your agency network.

The agency’s name symbolises both our repertoire and our goals and stands for creative and vibrant (live) marketing communication.

As communication professionals, we produce creative, hybrid and virtual trade fair presentations and event concepts, attention-grabbing social media content and innovative PR campaigns.

Founded at the turn of the millennium as an trade fair and event agency in Düsseldorf, we have more than 20 years of experience in the field of live communication and have established a reputation as a reliable partner for major companies in the organisation of events, trade fair presentations, promotion, roadshows, team building, event PR and accompanying social media campaigns – online as well as offline.

NEW: We have been realising hybrid and „Instagrammable“ event concepts for several years now, but in our anniversary year 2020 there has been a stronger emphasis in our agency network towards purely digital communication concepts.

Our new unit CONTENT Marketing will soon be launched at www.zeitgemaess.online. In the future, we will also increasingly develop creative content ideas, design content strategies and realise social media EVENTS and campaigns for our clients – independently and autonomously of trade fairs and events.

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